the main image of our iFz round-up for exciting releases in 2024. the image is a 5-way collage of 5 different games which are releasing early 2024.

Upcoming iOS Games To Look Forward To In 2024!

Happy holidays from our team here on iFanzine! This year has seen some awesome releases across the App Store, so 2024 is in for a struggle to top it. With that, we have rounded up some of the anticipated upcoming iOS games set to drop in early 2024. Now you don’t have to wait too long before getting your hands on some fresh titles.

Whether you’re a new iOS user or have been loyal to Apple for some time, all devices are made better with games. So without further ado, let’s get into our upcoming iOS games 2024 release round-up!

Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom – January 4th

Set to release on January 4th, before any other title on this list, Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom comes to you from the Apple Arcade! Packed with colour and friend-shaped critters you get dropped into the iconic world of Tamagotchi.

This game brings with it a bunch of fun little quests to build and reform the world that was shaken up by strange events! You can meet over 300 Tamagotchis some of which may even be familiar to us oldies! Personally, I am a huge fan of games that allow for personalization and Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom offers just that! From furniture to outfits there’s a ton to do in between fixing Planet Tamagotchi.

Check out the game over on the App Store now!

the image shows three 3D tamagotchi characters running down a beige pathwat with wide smiles. Surrounding them is various shaped and colourful buildings as well as mushrooms and trees

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat – January 10th

You may cry tears of joy! Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat launches on January 10th and brings with it a ton of features beloved by other games within this franchise. Stunning cut scenes and combat visuals, strategic and immersive gameplay. Everything is right at your fingertips in this gothic lore-rich game.

What’s more, Peak of Combat brings a new storyline, so this isn’t just a mobile port of a previous game from the DMC franchise! Chances are you can jump into this game with no prior knowledge of DMC lore. So regardless if you’re a fanatic or just browsing for something new this game will deliver!

You can check out the game over on the App Store!

the image shows the DMC MC in an action pose as if he has just landed on the ground. He is wielding two weapons which emit an aura as enemies rush towards him

Disney Speedstorm – January 30th

Who doesn’t love a good racing game? Disney Speedstorm is set to drop on January 30th and brings a storm of fun with it! From memorable Disney characters to thrilling races, this game is essentially Mario Kart for Disney and Pixar fanatics.

Well, actually Disney Speedstorm is more than that… You can unlock and meet all your favourite characters from the whole Disney-verse from Elsa to Donald Duck. But, you can also unlock unique outfits and vehicle customisations for them! Each character offers unique skills which you can utilize across various maps to snuff the comp in exciting tarmac-shredding races.

Check out Disney Speedstorm on the App Store!

the image shows a determined mickey mouse at the lead of a race which has winding tracks. Surrounding him is a white aura which we can assume as a shield. Diffferent characters are not far behind him in this race

Potion Permit – February 6th

I’m personally HUGELY excited for Potion Permit. This witchy game puts you in the medicinal hands of an apprentice witch who forages locally for stuff to brew into healing elixirs. You’re now the residential witch doctor (no, not like the song…) and work on helping the townsfolk whenever they fall ill.

You get to learn recipes and familiarise yourself with diagnostics whilst you progress in Potion Permit. Modern alchemy is quite a scary subject for the locals, however, so you may struggle to convince them you’re the real deal at first!

If you want more game details you can check out Potion Permit on the App Store!

the main image for our potion permit section which shows two main characters with brown hair looking to the viewer. In the background a man in a wheelchair is being helped by two other locals

Zenless Zone Zero – 2024!

Ok, this one doesn’t have a set release date other than being suspected for 2024. But how do you expect me to compile this list without mentioning the upcoming HoYoverse game? ZZZ is an upcoming gacha made by the same talents who gave us Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail.

This is the only gacha to make this list despite new gachas being ever so plentiful in today’s mobile gaming realm. Zenless Zone Zero is simply league above the rest because it’s being created by HoYoverse who, let’s be honest, know how to make a stellar gacha.

This urban fantasy RPG is set in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by monstrous terrors known as Hollows. As Proxies, you get to assemble a team of elites and try and restore peace whilst scavenging to survive!

This one doesn’t have an iOS link just yet, but you can follow updates on the Official Website!

feature image for our segment on ZZZ which shows a bunch of characters in varying poses huddled on the illustration. Mmost notably is a womans head facing left with red hair and a stoic expression. In the centre are two characters and one of them has their hands extended upwards where a star is glowing

Happy Holidays!

So that wraps up our upcoming iOS games! This hardly covers everything we are excited for the release of in 2024. Plus, there’s always the chance none of these titles get you giddy! Either way, we here at iFz hope you enjoy the holidays and have a wonderful new year!