Monument Valley 2

ustwo reveals two new games that aren’t related to Monument Valley

The incredibly talented developer ustwo made a guest appearance in a recent episode of Red Bull’s video series Levels, and revealed that it’s working on a whopping two new mobile games.

Curiously though, neither of the games are related to Monument Valley. Instead, they’re brand new IPs that focus on telling an entirely different kind of story.

ustwo is the extremely talented developer behind Monument Valley and its sequel

We’ll have to wait and see exactly what that means in practice, but we do know that one of the games focuses purely on narrative, while the other aims for a more social type of gameplay.

While the developer didn’t dig too deep into what it’s working on, you can learn a bit more about the two games by watching the latest Levels episode above.

Or, you could just pop on over to the App Store and grab Monument Valley or its sequel right now. If you haven’t played either yet, what are you playing at?