Valor's Reach

Valor’s Reach is Magic: The Gathering tailoured for Mobile

Magic: The Gathering developer Wizards of the Coast has just revealed Valor’s Reach, an upcoming CCG that takes place in the same universe as Magic.

Where Valor’s Reach differs though, is in its focus on fast-paced 1v1 multiplayer battles. You’ll hold your phone in portrait, flick a few cards out with your thumb, and decimate or lose horribly all in a matter of minutes.

Valor’s Reach soft launches today, but only on Android

Don’t mistake a faster pace for a lack of depth though. You’ll still collect a bunch of cards and build and customise a deck. You can even select a Planeswalker hero, which provides unique cards to help you hone in on a playstyle.

So it’s definitely a true Magic: The Gathering experience. Just consider it a version that’s more suited to the smaller screen, and is perfect for playing a few rounds while waiting for the bus.

Valor’s Reach soft launches today on Android, with an iOS version surely to follow. We’ll keep you posted on that, and the eventual launch.