Featured Image for our news on Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting and Among Us crossover. It features crewmates and other characters looking upward.

Among Us x Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting Is Coming To iOS

Aliens will be infiltrating the world of vampires as impostors! Vampire Survivors is teaming up with Among Us for an epic crossover called Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting! It’ll be available as a DLC. Sounds like fun already!

The Emergency Meeting

Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting will have Crewmates landing in hell by choice. The DLC will have nine characters, 15 weapons, 20 in-game unlocks, and a fresh stage, Polus Replica, inspired by the Among Us universe. Played Vampire Survivors yet? If not, then get it out from the App Store.

The nine new Crewmates and characters are Crewmate Dino, Engineer Gino, Ghost Lino, Shapeshifter Nino, Guardian Pina, Impostor Rina, Scientist Mina and Horse, the horse. The new weapons will add power to your kitty as you defend yourself from all the peripheral wackos. Use the Report weapon to create huge sound waves and use the Lucky Swipe to slash aliens in half.

The gravity in the crossover is surely on point but there is a lot of sus in the air. Totally expected, right? Poncle, the developers, believe that it’s a cheeky match made in heaven and we second that! If you haven’t played Among US, try it from the App Store.

When Is It Coming?

Alas! Poncle hasn’t given an official date yet. The DLC is set to drop on December 18 for Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC. It will soon be launched for Switch, iOS, and Android but we don’t have an exact date. However, we do have a sneak peek of the crossover, why don’t you take a look?

Apart from the weapons and characters, there will also be six fresh music tracks in Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting. Each song has a pretty unique title too! Till you wait for the DLC to hit the mobiles, check out our latest story on the new RPG, S class Heroine.