Videos: Stardash & Vertex Blaster with Joypad Support!

Scouring Twitter for some interesting iOS gaming-related stories earlier today, I happened across links to a couple of very neat videos which showcase two of iFanzine’s current favorite indie games, Stardash and Vertex Blaster, being played using Zell Applications’ Joypad Elite.

If you didn’t already know, Joypad is an app that turns your iPhone (or iPod Touch) into a wireless controller and your iPad (or Mac/PC/Apple TV) into a fully-fledged iGames console. Joypad has picked up glowing reviews from the likes of TouchArcade and Macgasm, while the list of games that support it looks to be growing by the day – in addition to those mentioned above and featured in the videos below, popular titles such as Samurai II: Vengeance and Super Mega Worm reportedly work really well with Joypad.

Of course, this article also doubles as a shameless plug for the massive promo code giveaway we’re running at the moment, in which you can score yourself free copies of Stardash, Vertex Blaster, and the Joypad Elite app (not to mention a whole heap of other awesome iOS games)! So, y’know, if for whatever reason you haven’t entered yet, get a wriggle on and join in the fun here: #WEEKENDIOSAPPALOOZA. 😉

Stardash with Joypad support:

Vertex Blaster with Joypad support: