Viking Survival Adventure Northgard is On Sale Right Now

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up the brilliant Norse survival game Northgard yet, you’ve got no excuse anymore, because right now the game is on sale for three bucks less than it usually costs.

The game sees you landing on a brand new island and trying to colonize. There are plenty of hazards waiting for you, from snow storms to rival clans. There’s strategy, simulation and loads more going on here.

Not convinced yet? Maybe a trailer will help. Which is lucky, because we’ve embedded one just below this paragraph. That’s some synergy right there.

Looks pretty good, right? Northgard usually costs $8.99, but right now you can pick it up for 33% cheaper. That’s right, you can currently grab the game for just $5.99.

You can click here to download Northgard from the App Store right now. You’ll need to be using a device running iOS 13.1 and up, and have 881MB of free space to get it. It features IAPs to unlock new clans.