Vikings II is a Fast-Paced Shooter Out Now for iPhone and iPad

Vikings might not be renowned for shooting things, but Vikings II is looking to set that straight. You play an archer who’s sprinting up the screen, taking out waves of enemies with your trusty bow.

The game is a sequel to the awesome shooter Vikings, but there are a few big changes here that set it apart from its predecessor. If you were expecting more of the same, then you’re going to be pleasantly surprised.

The game is essentially a midcore bullet-hell blaster. You swipe along the bottom of the screen to move, and when you’re moving you’re shooting. Killing enemies, which range from wolves to warriors, earns you gold.

You can spend that gold to upgrade your character. Your weapon will get more powerful, you’ll earn more gold per-kill and much, much more. There are even different archers to unlock, each of which adds their own twist to the game.

On top of the smaller enemies, there are boss battles too. Here, huge enemies stomp down at you, and you need to shoot them multiple times to kill them. It keeps things fresh, and means you always have to be on your toes.

Vikings II is a really interesting mix of genres, and it looks lovely too. Once it gets its hooks into you, it’s pretty damn hard to put down. Even a short session is going to bag you some goodies, making the game perfect for short mobile sessions.

Has any of that piqued your interest? Well you can click right here to download Vikings II from the App Store. The game is free, and we reckon it’s well worth checking out.