Villagers and Heroes

Villagers and Heroes: A Tale of Earth and Sea Expansion Launches July 15 on iOS

The massive A Tale of Earth and Sea Expansion for Villagers and Heroes launches July 15 on iOS, Mad Otter Games today confirmed on Twitter.

The expansion introduces a bunch of new content including a character class, increased level cap, a dungeon, and new zones to explore, while also revamping older content.

The Expansion Includes a New Class, Zones, and Dungeons

The new class, Shaman, is a spellcaster that specialises in both offensive and supportive magic, depending on your needs at the time. That’s thanks to the Earth and Water spells at its disposal.

Meanwhile, the level cap grows to 95, and there’s a bunch of new zones to explore exclusive to high level players. Once you’ve beaten those, you can head on over to the new dungeon for the best gear.

You can grab Villagers and Heroes right now on the App Store in anticipation of the new update, which launches July 15 on iOS.