Vitusoft’s “Wannabat Plus” Goes Free to Celebrate Chart-Topping Success!

In our recent review, we called vitusoft’s Wannabat Season Plus “one of the best baseball games on the App Store” and also said it was “a steal at $1.99,” so we heartily recommend any fans of “America’s favorite pastime” who haven’t already done so download this smashing title while it’s available at the promotional price of $0.00 over the next few days!

And why the sudden price-drop, you ask? Well, I’ll allow vitusoft to field that question:

“(Wannabat’s) launch has earned fans around the world, and to celebrate its freshest victory — a number one spot in the sports game category in Japan — vitusoft is offering a limited time mega sale. The premium version of Wannabat will be completely free for a limited period of time. Now new players can enjoy the bonuses that come with the paid version without paying a cent.”