‘Voyagers the Game’ Is a Fun Tie-In with the next Big Thing in Children’s Books


It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Liv Games, creators of the popular Wars franchise: Legendary Wars, its sequel Monster Wars and threequel Stellar Wars.

So what have they been up to lately, you ask? Well, according to Liv Games’ Orian Livnat, working hard on a recently released collaboration with PC Studio and Random House Kids called Voyagers the Game. As the name implies, the game is a companion to the Voyagers book series (I’m not familiar with the books, but a quick Google search tells me they are poised to be a pretty big deal amongst young readers).

For any fans out there, here’s how Orian describes Voyagers: “It’s a fun mobile game that mixes up puzzles, arcade and runner gameplay to compliment the Voyagers book universe. Players repair a ship, fly a spaceship and engage in reconnaissance missions using collectible robot “Zrks.”

The game will be getting new updates every two months with new games and planets with each corresponding book release,” he continues. “There are six books, all from top bestselling writers, that will lead the way and release every two months. Once you’re on the adventure, we’ll keep you in orbit for a full year on your mission to save planet Earth.

You know, this sounds like something I would have loved back when I was a younger reader/gamer! If you fall into the target audience, or know someone who does, head over to the official Voyagers site to pick up the first book in the series, or go to the App Store to get the game for free.