‘Waking Mars’ Marks Its 2nd Birthday with 99¢ Sale


One-of-a-kind puzzleadventure game Waking Mars (our review) turns 2 this week, and to celebrate developer Tiger Style have temporarily dropped its price from $4.99 to a mere $0.99. There’s really not much else to say about this, except… if you don’t already own Waking Mars, go rectify that immediately!

Still need more convincing? Well, here’s a choice snippet from our 5-star review: “Boasting a compelling story, accessible-yet-challenging gameplay, and incredible production values, Waking Mars is one of the most awe-inspiring titles to hit the App Store yet.” We also posted an interview with the Tiger Style Games team back when Waking Mars originally released which is well worth a read too.

Source: PocketGamer