War Robots Remastered Coming to iPhone and iPad This Fall

Pixonic has announced that its smash-hit tactical shooter, War Robots, is getting an overhaul. War Robots Remastered will be a polished version of the multiplayer blaster, with a whole swathe of extra additions.

All 58 of the robots and weapons in the game will receive new animations, textures and geometry. There’ll be an additional 100 or so visual effects as well, giving the game even more visual shine.

Four of the maps in the game will be completely overhauled. Expect Canyon, Valley, Moon and Powerplant to look remarkably different when the update arrives. All eight of the maps are going to get new lighting too.

The UI is getting some extra elements as well. War Robots Remastered is going to be a massive update, designed to bring the game up to date within the cut-throat world of mobile gaming.

There will be four graphics settings, which means even if you’re playing on an older device you’re going to get some of the benefits of the remastering. Pixonic is working with Apple’s Metal technology too. That should make sure that iPhones and iPads are fully optimized for the new content.

You can expect there to be plenty of public tests to check on the stability of War Robots Remastered. You can discover when and where they’re happening by checking out the game’s official website here.

The original War Robots has been downloaded more than 150 million times since it first came out six years ago. We’re super excited to get our hands on this updated version and we imagine that you are too.

War Robots Remastered is set to come out for iPhone and iPad later in the year. Make sure you keep checking back to iFanzine regularly for all the latest developments as and when we get them in.