Featured Image for our news on Warcraft Rumble Season 2. It features Jaina Proudmore, Mountaineer and Huntress playing/fighting with snowballs.

Fire Lightning Attacks In The Christmas Special Warcraft Rumble Season 2!

It’s been just over a month since Warcraft Rumble was released and now the title is gearing up for a Season 2 already. ‘Tis the season, after all! So, what’ll change and what’ll be added in Warcraft Rumble Season 2? Follow along to get all the details!

New Maps And Troops

Meet the new troop, Chimaera, a badass two-headed Flying Beast mini who will cost you just 5 Gold coins. He can spit poison and launch lightning attacks to kill your enemies, two at a time! Unfortunately, this bad boy won’t be there till Season 3. So, I have two suggestions for you.

First, recruit him to your team and maximize playtime before Warcraft Rumble Season 2 concludes. Next, secure him for your collection through the Guild Warchest at the season’s start, mid-season PvP, or the three end-of-season Store offers. Your Chimaera also comes with talents like Leviathan which lets him gain an extra 10% Health per deploy.

Now, on to the new Warcraft Rumble Season 2 PvP map, Arathi Basin. It’s a valley full of resources and towers. Conquer this dynamic battlefield and score two exclusive seasonal emotes featuring Jaina Proudmoore and Maiev Shadowsong.

It’s F.R.E.E.!

Because it’s Christmas, there is a Winter Season celebration running from December 26th to January 1st. With just 25 Sigils, you can snag the F.R.E.E. (For Rumblers’ Enjoyment Everywhere) gift. Expect Minis, Coins, and XP to pop up when you unwrap your gift! So, get the game from the App Store.

Warcraft Rumble is an action strategy game. For the collectible goblins out there, there are over 65 Warcraft Minis you can collect to build multiple armies of your own. You can deploy your Minis strategically to fight the enemies on the battlefield.

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