Warframe mobile

Battle It Out As Warframe Mobile Drops Today!

Digital Extremes and Nitro Games have dropped Warframe for iOS devices. Warframe has been around for ten long years and is one of the most loved open-world games. So, how is Warframe mobile different and what should you expect from the title, if you have played it before? Keep reading to know!

Lots To Explore!

Just like its PC and console versions, Warframe mobile has a lot to offer! There’s a bunch to explore with 20 Planets, 4 Open Worlds and over 30 Quests. You get a choice of 55 different Warframes, so it gives you tons of options for how you play.

What’s neat about Warframe mobile is the Origin System. It lets you save your game across different platforms and play with others no matter if they’re on their phone or consoles. It makes sure everyone playing Warframe can team up or keep their progress synced.

With the global launch, a Starter Weapon Pack is waiting for you. It has a hefty weapon called the Aeolak, a Maxed Serration Mod and 100 Platinum. Everyone logging in gets a couple of freebies on the first day. You’ll get a stylish accessory called the Bombyx Syandana and a 3-day Affinity booster. Catch a glimpse of the trailer below!

50+ Warframe Suits!

The USP of Warframe is, well, obviously its Warframes. And there are so many to choose from that the game never gets boring! Pick Excaliburand excel in swordplay and play with its signature move the Radial Blind. Or pick Rhino, the tank-like Warframe, and charge into enemies.

Mesa, Nova, Trinity, Loki and more! All the Warframes are unique and equally exciting. If you haven’t played the game yet, now’s the time to do so! Head to the App Store and grab Warframe mobile now.

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