Warhammer Odyssey is an Upcoming PvE-Focused Mobile MMORPG

Warhammer Odyssey is an exciting upcoming mobile MMORPG that will focus on providing a PC-like PvE experience.

And the best part? It reportedly won’t feature any autoplay mechanics. This is one MMORPG that you’re going to have to play yourself.

Warhammer Odyssey Does Include PvP But Little is Known About That Aspect Right Now

PvP will play a part, though next to nothing has been revealed on that front yet. Hopefully it will be enough for fans of competitive aspects.

In terms of character customisation you can play as a Dwarf, High Elf, and Human. Classes include the Slayer, Archmage, Warrior Priest, Engineer, Shadow Warrior, and Witch Hunter.

You can pre-register right now on the official site, which includes more information. Sadly, that doesn’t include a launch date right now but we’ll keep you posted.