Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is Out Now for iPhone and iPad

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is a turn-based RPG filled with action-packed skirmishes. It’s based on Games Workshop’s dark fantasy universe, so expect swords, magic and slobbery beasts with funny names. Oh, and you can download it right now from the App Store.

The game is built by Perchang, who’s been building GW-based RPGs for a while now. This one has a little more of the midcore flavor that’s popular on mobile right now, but that doesn’t detract from the tactical battles at the core of the experience.

If you want to get a better idea of what to expect when you download the game, you can check out the trailer we’ve embedded below. We’re pretty impressed with what we’ve seen so far, for sure.

There are a host of characters to collect and train, and loads of loot and other goodies to find as you smash your way through the hordes of chaos. There’s always something to do, with loads of challenges and a massive campaign to sink your teeth into.

The game looks pretty darn sweet too. Couple that with the gritty aesthetic of the Warhammer world and you’re left with an experience that’s high on quality and enjoyment.

You can grab Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower from the App Store right now by clicking here. It won’t cost you anything to pick up the game, though there are a variety of different IAP you can spend your money on.

Are you excited to give Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower a go? Have you played the board game it’s based on? We’d love to hear from you, so make your voice heard in the comments section below.