feature image for our warhaven tier list, the image features a promo photo for the game of a character with long flowing hair wearing a helmet that only covers the upper part of her face, she is wearing metal armor with a tunic as she holds a large shield in front of her to block the fire that is close by, she is also holding a sword behind her

Warhaven Tier List – Classes Ranked (September 2023)

Struggling to choose a class in Warhaven? This Warhaven tier list should be able to help you make a decision!

Embark on a brand-new journey in this free-to-play PvP game! Immerse yourself in a medieval world as you take part in explosive combat alongside your trusty squad. Bring tactics to the battlefield as you deal damage, heal allies, and shield oncoming attacks – depending on your chosen class!

Visit Warhaven’s official Steam page for more information! It’s now available to play in Early Access.

Warhaven Tier List (2023)

Tier lists are completely subjective – though largely based on our own experience in the game and the general consensus of all players.

  • S-Tier: Martyr, Blade, Hoet, Smoke
  • A-Tier: Darkgale, Raven
  • B-Tier: Warhammer, Spike, Hush
  • C-Tier: Archer
  • D-Tier: Guardian

Warhaven Classes List

  • Martyr
  • Blade
  • Hoet
  • Smoke
  • Darkgale
  • Raven
  • Warhammer
  • Spike
  • Hush
  • Archer
  • Guardian

What These Tiers Mean

So, how did we rank each class into the tiers above?

S Tier

The best classes to utilise throughout the entire game. They’re strong in terms of abilities and stats!

A Tier

These classes are still extremely strong, but when compared to a class in S-tier, they can lack in some cases.

B Tier

Not amazing, and pretty average, but they can still get through the game! There’s no shame in using a class in B-tier, but don’t be surprised if they can’t handle the more difficult content.

C Tier

These classes shouldn’t be used if you want to have an enjoyable experience in the game.

D Tier

Don’t use the classes in this tier – they certainly make the game more difficult.

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