Warm Gun: Carnival of Bullets New Trailer!

What would make Emotional Robots’ upcoming Unreal Engine-powered multiplayer shooter Warm Gun more of a tantalizing prospect than it already is? How about a free standalone single-player companion piece packed with achievements, mini games, and all sorts of other awesomeness?  …Yeah, that should do it!

This fantastic freebie, entitled Warm Gun: Carnival of Bullets, is due to bow alongside the main game later this summer and will see players “assuming the role of  “The Preacher” as he navigates his way through a wondrous assortment of gun trials.” Carnival of Bullets should allay concerns from fans about Warm Gun’s lack of a single-player campaign while doubling as a neat way to practise your gun-slinging skills before heading online to slaughter some fellow iGamers.

Apparently, Warm Gun and Warm Gun: Carnival of Bullets are both nearing completion and should be ready to ship soon. The former will set you back $4.99 while the latter will be free-to-play with the option of unlocking the full game via an IAP (in-app purchase). Our thanks goes to Emotional Robots’ Joseph Cleary for filling us in on these exciting new developments in the world of Warm Gun. For more news be sure to check out Indie DB and the game’s official site.