Warm Snow official artwork.

Warm Snow is a Premium Console Quality Roguelike Launching Tomorrow on iOS

Most of the new game releases on iOS last week were just run-of-the mill stuff. But its not quite the same this week. A few interesting titles are in the pipeline, getting ready for release, including Warm Snow.

This roguelike RPG gets its global launch tomorrow on mobile, and debuts on consoles later this month.

The console version is slated for release on October 20, while the pre-order page on the App Store holds an early release date of October 10 (Tuesday) . It costs $7.99.

The game is distributed by Bilibili HK Ltd. That’s the studio that gave us some remarkable RPG titles like Higan: Eruthyll and Artery gear: Fusion.

What’s Warm Snow?

Warm Snow is a roguelike action game set in a dark fantasy world. It’s full of roguelike elements with the ability for you to pick a favourite playing style each time. This helps to offer a whole-new experience.

The gameplay showcased in the teaser looks great and promising. However, you may have doubts about how a console game will play on mobile in terms of controls.

How Does it Control?

The App Store page mentions that certain actions are performed automatically. This includes auto dash and auto enemy tracking options that guarantee a silky smooth combat experience.

The minimal requirements for the game are a device running iOS 12.0 or above with at least 4GB available storage. It’s a fully premium title with no ads or in-app purchases mentioned.

So its clear that we can get our hands on this console quality gaming title on Apple devices worldwide very soon.

Where Can I Get It?

Fingers crossed, and hope that this Warm Snow gives a warm hug for hardcore mobile gamers and offer hours of immersive gaming experience!

You can grab pre-order it right now from the App Store, where it launches tomorrow, on October 10.