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Wartune, The Popular Web MMORPG, Is Coming To Mobile As Wartune Ultra

Wartune, the well-known web MMORPG, is finally making the leap to mobile devices! The revamped version is named Wartune Ultra and is set to hit iOS and Android in May 2024. Developed by 7Road and published by R2Games, the game was first launched in 2012.

What’s Wartune Ultra?

Wartune is a blend of strategy, city-building and turn-based combat. You step into the role of a lord with the task of building the city. A part of that journey includes recruiting allies known as Sylphs and challenging the dark forces.

The story is set against the backdrop of hostilities between the Human Empire and the Void Legion. It takes place in the Cloud City, where the character Dinah will guide you in your quest to write new chapters of war glory.

There are diverse modes in the game. You can test your skills in the Arena and other PvP modes, choosing from different hero classes like Knights, Mages or Archers. And also watch out for the powerful Sylphs, including Gaia, Athena and Medusa, to get some strategic boosts in your battles.

It’s Been A Long Journey

Wartune has completed a full decade recently. In celebration of its 10th anniversary, it entered a closed alpha phase under the title Wartune Lite. After two more tests in 2023, they rebranded it as Wartune Ultra.

For those who spent hours immersed in strategic battles and city building, Wartune Ultra will let you relive those experiences. You can also team up in Guild War events. Whether you’ve played it before or not, you should try it out! Well, that’s when it will be out once in May. Till then, you can go ahead and pre-register it on the App Store.

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