Wasatch Games’ Kickstarter Campaign for ‘Saga Heroes’ Is off to an Absolutely Fantastic Start


Did you — by any chance — ever play Saga by Wasatch Games, the award winning free-to-play massively multiplayer online real time strategy game (or MMORTS for short)? Whether or not you said yes to the above, you might still be interested in Saga Heroes — a top down action RPG, complete with fully interconnected world — being developed for PCs and mobile devices. In it a lowly villager — hailing from the town of Aria — will slowly become a true hero, all while uncovering a dark cult’s conspiracy to destroy the entire realm by summoning the Elder God of Death: Goth-Azul.

Saga Heroes — which Wasatch Games has been developing for over a year now — aims to bring a deep action RPG experience to mobile devices, rather than simply being yet another game with a three-star level selection list. While providing a deep experience — filled with dungeons and quests — that is rare on mobile devices, Wasatch Games has also promised that Saga Heroes will still be playable in lunch break sized chunks as well. They have furthermore proclaimed that players will be able to unearth powerful cards that have been hidden throughout the game’s world, which — once obtained — can be transferrable over to Saga Heroes’ MMORTS counterpart.


While much progress has already been made, Wasatch Games — whom normally spends most of their time doing contract work for big name clients — has come to the realization that they are going to need funding if Saga Heroes is to be finished sometime this decade. To this end they have recently launched a Kickstarter seeking $10,000 in funds, the amount that Wasatch Games would need to keep the lights on whilst they worked exclusively on Saga Heroes. If their Kickstarter is successfully backed, then they plan to release Saga Heroes on the OUYA and PC sometime around June 2014, with the iOS version — as per the “Free the Games Fund” rules — set to arrive at a later date.

If you are still unsure as to whether or not you’d be interested in backing Saga Heroes, Wasatch Games has provided a completely free PC demo to help people better understand their plans. Those whom do decide to help keep the world safe from Goth-Azul can secure their own copy of Saga Heroes — on any platform of their choosing — for just $10, and in the process have their name displayed in the game’s credits. Meanwhile, even more generous backers will have the chance to receive rewards such as: Beta Tester access, booster packs for the MMORTS, custom designed in-game avatars, and more!

However, those ready to take up sword and shield — so as to defend the realm from the machinations of “The Shadow” — should be sure to remember that Saga Heroes’ Kickstarter will be ending on March 29th.