Featured Image for our news on Watcher of Realms. It features a new character wearing a blue dress with plunging neckline and white feathers, and a big golden crown.

It’s Yuletide Season In Watcher of Realms This December!

Watcher of Realms is adding some festive spirit into the game with Christmas events starting on December 15th, 2023. The MOONTON-developed tower defense fantasy RPG is gearing up to shower players with rewarding activities, new legendary heroes and some cool skins.

What Are The Goodies?

Watcher of Realms is rolling out two significant additions: a brand-new faction and an exciting game mode. The shard summon event, running from December 15th to January 1st, will let you score shards. Collect enough, and you can summon The Supreme Arbiter, the new legendary hero.

Just drop by every day for The Christmas Daily Check-in event, and you’ll grab diamonds, summon crystals, and other good stuff. Oh, and don’t miss out on the best part – a shot at scoring a free skin! Try out the game from the App Store, if you haven’t already.

Because It’s Christmas!

From December 22 to December 25, Watcher of Realms is hosting two special summoning events. The first is an exclusive Christmas summoning event featuring the powerful healer Gwendolyn from The North Throne faction.

The second event, a limited Christmas summoning event, boasts a 2x rate increase on all legendary heroes and a 10x rate increase on three potent legendary heroes, including two newbies. And it doesn’t stop there.  Immortal Codex is a new limited-time game mode, available only during December. Don’t miss out on it!

Are You A Watcher Of Realms?

Watcher of Realms is a next-generation fantasy RPG. There are more than 100 unique heroes to collect across 8 factions and over 30 races. Each hero has unique talents and skills that help you engage in epic boss battles and emerge as the winner.

The game offers a wide range of maps, chapters and levels. You can also fight your friends in PvP mode and challenge them for some dragon wars. So, are you excited for the Watcher of Realms Christmas events? Also, check out our latest story on Doom’s 30th anniversary.