Help Kickstart ‘Waynesaw’, a Game About the Misadventures of a Friendly Little Pet Chainsaw


No one will ever truly understand why Waynesaw’s owners ever thought it’d be a good idea to keep a living anthropomorphic chainsaw as the family pet, but this is now clear: they’ve come to deeply regret their poorly made decision. Unfortunately, poor little Waynesaw — not properly understanding the fact that he’s a vicious engine of destruction — desperately chases after the family that he only genuinely wants to hug over and over. Described by the game’s creators as The Brave Little Toaster — if the hero had been a gas-powered chainsaw — Waynesaw aims to be an isometric endless runner where players not only evade obstacles, but furthermore give out free “hugs” to as many targets as possible.

2015-03-30-WAYNESAWAlong the way our hero will run into various people — all of whom are more than a little shady — whom recruit the aid of the ever optimistic Waynesaw, leading him on a number of extremely misguided hugging missions. Will Waynesaw help a lumberjack cut down the redwoods, help an FBI agents kill friendly aliens to cover up the truth, or will he even help a corrupt real estate agent knock down some priceless national parks? The answer to all of these conundrums — and possibly more, depending on how everything goes — are all a resounding yes, and positively guaranteed to be filled with buckets of cute massacre.

So went the pitch for Waynesaw that the team at Amazing Super Powers recently submitted to Kickstarter, coupled with a humble request for $38,000 in development capital. Currently nearly $5,000 has been secured towards ensuring that Waynesaw meets up with his family once more, and — with a whopping 22 days remaining — it’s looking potentially promising that he might indeed do just that. Furthermore — should additional funding beyond the minimum be secured — the developers have even promised extra adventures, such as a stage where Waynesaw goes to hell and tries to hug Satan himself.

Although the game — upon launch — will be offered absolutely for free on both Android and iOS, those whom donate just $3 will receive a special copy — complete with Kickstarter exclusive bonuses — where all of the paid content has already been unlocked. Meanwhile — for those even more dedicated to reuniting Waynesaw with his family — additional rewards include: access to a production blog, a digital copy of the game’s soundtrack, early beta access, physical posters, a Waynesaw figurine, and much more! However, those interested in helping to fund the dreams of Amazing Super Powers — and more importantly: poor little Waynesaw — need to be sure that all of their donations are chipped in before April 29th arrives (which is when this Kickstarter runs out of gas).