Our Website Is Getting a Planet Named After It!

Yes, you read that headline right. iFanzine.com is getting a planet named after it. Well, okay, not an ACTUAL planet — but a planet that will be featured in an upcoming iOS game called UNLonely. Which, if you ask me, is still amazingly cool!

So, because I’m sure you’re dying to know — here’s a little more info on the first game ever to feature this website in a starring role. Remember Lonely Sun, the exquisitely designed side-scroller that I gave a glowing review to a few months back? UNLonely is a sequel/spin-off to that game. The difference this time around is that all the game’s worlds and levels are inspired by and themed after indie-friendly app review sites. In addition to an iFanzine-styled planet called planet ‘Zine,’ UNLonely features worlds based on GameSkinny, Indie Game Launchpad, IndieHangover, OrangeBison, and SnapZilla. (If that isn’t a who’s who of awesome up-and-coming review sites, I don’t know what is.) Developer Nik Mihaylov is in the early stages of work on the game at the moment, and is currently putting a lot of time and thought into how best to incorporate things like each site’s color scheme and ethos into his planetary designs.

Here’s how planet ‘Zine’ is shaping up so far:

And here’s a group shot of all 6 planets:

Biased as I may be, I think UNLonely is going to be something very special indeed. And, naturally, we’ll be following its development closely here on iFanzine. While you wait impatiently for more news on that, I urge you to head over to the App Store and pick up a copy of Lonely Sun. It truly is a phenomenal game in its own right, and it’ll give you a good idea of the quality, polish and fun you can expect from UNLonely. Also, if you don’t already, I recommend you follow Nik (@rinikulous) on Twitter to stay posted on all the latest happenings at Rinikulous Games.