#WEEKENDIOSAPPALOOZA: Re-tweet to #Win Hundreds of Awesome iOS Games!!!

iFanzine have teamed up with our friends at iPhoneGamer UK and Apps JP to put together what quite simply is our and biggest and best promo code giveaway ever. Remember the last iOSAPPALOOZA? Well, this blows it away!

Just a few quick thank you’s before we get started: Once again, kudos to Doomfan who cooked up the iOSAPPALOOZA as a means of showcasing the crème de la crème of ‘indie’ iOS game developers and who works tirelessly to put these epic contests together. Seriously, this guy is a legend – so everyone, go follow him on Twitter! Also, let’s hear it for the staggering array of devs who got involved this time around and are providing the fantastic prizes!

Anyhoo, without further ado, here’s what’s up for grabs (jump to page 3 for full entry details)…

The Sims™ Medieval, courtesy of EA Mobile: The ever-popular Sims franchise returns to iOS with this RPG-flavored spin on the classic formula set in medieval times. WooHoo!

Run Fox Run, courtesy of Icewire: Run Fox Run is an action platformer/run-and-jump game that truly does go the extra mile in terms of delivering a content-packed experience. Read our full review here.

Cavorite, courtesy of Cascadia Games: An original and genre-crossing adventure game, that should appeal to fans of puzzlers and platformers alike. Not to mention H.G. Wells readers, eh? Read our review here.

Chunkout, courtesy of Chunkout Pty Ltd: A great puzzle game for young and old, with simple pick up and play gameplay that hides a depth of strategy.

Mission Europa, courtesy of Ryan Mitchell/BansheeSoft: An amazing mix of first person shooter and a role playing game, Mission Europa merges intense action, immersive storyline, deep character development and hours of gameplay. Read our full review here and an interview with Ryan here.

Requiem, courtesy of Tribase Studios: This thrilling 3D runner sees you dashing through a nightmarish dream world while trying to outrun the giant creature that’s out to destroy you! Read our full review here.

Joypad Elite – Game Controller, courtesy of Zell Applications, LLC: This nifty little app allows you to control games with your iPhone and play them on the big screen. Be sure to check out the demo video at http://getjoypad.com to get an idea of just how amazingly cool this is!

Vermes on Mars, courtesy of Aztlan Games: An action-laden top-down sci-fi shooter that pits the player against the likes of stampeding rockworms and scorching fireworms. Read our review here.

Greedy Bankers Vs The World, courtesy of Alistair Aitcheson: Beat your friends in action-packed puzzle battles! Take on the financial fraternity and bring the bankers to justice!! Read our review of the original iPhone edition of Greedy Bankers here.

Race After 1977, courtesy of Xpect Games: “They nuked the world, you race the remains!” – that wicked strap-line sums up this high-octane, Mad Max-esque 3D racer well. Read our review here.

School 26 & School 26: Summer of Secrets, courtesy of Silicon Sisters Interactive: School 26 is a unique game of empathy, strategy and relationship building that follows Kate as she enrolls in a new school. The recently released sequel continues her story and features the music of indie rock band Hey Ocean!.

Bird’s the Word, courtesy of SGN: Are you a word nerd? Bird’s the Word is the most addicting game to land on your handheld device! Race against the clock to find as many words as you can and level up to unlock secret and adorable new baby birds.

Zepi: Classic, Zepi: Dark, & Zepi: War, courtesy of OstinGames: Do you want to prove that your fingers are the fastest in the world and your reflexes are the quickest in the universe? Welcome to Zepi – a fun exciting brain game for players of any age. Better limber up those fingers folks, because we’ve got three different variations on Zepi to give away!

Zen Wars, courtesy of subzero.eu and Liv Games: This fast paced strategy-puzzle defense game boasts a gripping single-player campaign and one the most enjoyable multiplayer modes of any iOS game! Read our full review here and check out interviews with Patrick Wolowicz (subzero.eu) here and Orian Livnet (Liv Games) here.

Manhattan requiem, courtesy of althi inc.: The classic 1987 adventure game is back on iPhone. A solid adventure game which still holds up today despite its age and looks extra lovely on iPad and iPhone 4.

Alice in Labyrinth, courtesy of Twinkle Lab: Alice was trying to escape from the world of her dreams. However, she incurred the wrath of the Queen and was trapped in the labyrinth of the world of her dreams. Solve the riddles and send Alice home safely.

Pro Baseball Catcher, courtesy of Neon Play: Can you catch every ball in Pro Baseball Catcher?! Face the pitcher in this addictive baseball game!