The image is a collage split into four of the sins who have launched with the game. Each of them has something rather devious about their expression. The very neon logo for the game is in the center of the image, though im sure no one noticed it there.

What in Hell is Bad tier list

Beginning a new gacha game is always tricky since you aren’t familiar with the characters. That’s why we have this What in Hell is Bad tier list! Here we ranked the characters currently available within this new release so you can get a head start on your combat (if that’s even the reason you downloaded this game).

What in Hell is Bad is a unique gacha. Go to Hell and rizz up the Seven Deadly Sins personified as tempting men. When you aren’t indulging in the lewder aspects of the game, you can text the men from hell to build up your relationship – think Mystic Messenger but slightly more unhinged. Of course, there is combat elements to the game which comes with the gacha territory.

Become Solomon’s descendant today by checking out the game on the Official Website. We have more tame tier lists, I promise! Why not check out this one from a One Piece inspired game? Haze Piece Sword Tier List

What in Hell is Bad tier list

It’s time to meet the sins! Oddly enough, the game launched with only four available sins for you to meet. So, this tier list may be a bit slim for now. Don’t worry, we aim to update our rankings frequently with the freshest information.

We will update this tier list when more information is available on the game, and whenever the game updates to add new characters which change the power scaling of the game mechanics.


The OP category! These sins are not only handsome, they pack a punch! Of course, you always want to aim for the S-Tier rankers since they always have the most combat variety and unique assets.

  • Satan (Wrath)
  • Beelzebub (Gluttony)


Not just a pretty face! These sins are still tough and you shouldn’t dismiss them just because they aren’t S-ranked!

  • Mammon (Greed)
  • Leviathan (Envy)
  • Lucifer (Pride)


Average sins! They’re decently good at what they do best. Reliable in a pinch if you need a specific trait to see you to victory.


Early game sins for sure! These sins aren’t all too powerful and don’t offer much later game. Perhaps they have a few niche uses however!


These sins aren’t all too good at anything really. Hopefully they’re at least pretty to look at?

Current Sins In Game

You can introduce yourself to these Sins who have already made their grand entry in time for today’s launch! Alongside 72 devils who also reside within the game! Wow, that’s a lot of men to thirst for…

  • Satan
  • Beelzebub
  • Leviathan
  • Mammon
  • Lucifer