What is TapTap? Everything you need to know about the TapTap app 

Are you in the market for an awesome mobile game?

Of course you are. Daft question. But finding new games can be a slog—a thankless process that sees you bouncing from review site to review site and wrestling with the constant avalanche of new releases on the app stores. 

Fortunately, there’s a better way. Even more fortunately, if you’re reading this you’ve just found it. 

TapTap is where all things mobile gaming converge. This slick, comprehensive platform lets you engage with a vast online community of fellow mobile game fans, connects you with developers, enables you to keep track of the best new games, and much, much more. 

Read on to learn how TapTap works.

What is TapTap and how does it work?

TapTap is a lot of things, but we’ll start with this: it’s a community, made up of people who love gaming. 

Like any community, it can help you live your best life by steering you in the direction of awesome games you’ve never heard of and then giving you the opportunity to share your passion with other players. 

TapTap is also a VIP pass to the world of unreleased games. Through its relationships with a wide range of developers, TapTap secures privileged access to alpha and beta versions for its community. 

Once upon a time, it only did this for mobile games, but now TapTap tracks games on every platform, including Switch, PC, and others. 

In fact, at the recent Pocket Playfest event TapTap gave users the opportunity to play ten demos of upcoming PC games on their phones. 

There’s still more. TapTap is a source of guidance, with tons of curated game lists put together by a team of editors. Whether you’re looking for the best monster taming games, offline mobile games, or whatever, you’ll find advice on TapTap.

And, being part of a community, you can also create your own lists for others to browse. 

Finally, TapTap is a fantastic introduction service for gamers and the people who make games. It puts you in touch with fellow gamers, content creators, and even developers. 

Suggestions you make on TapTap might just make it into your favorite games, which is objectively cool.

How to use TapTap for iOS

While the Android version of TapTap lets you download games directly through the app, the iOS version works a little differently. That’s because you have to sideload the Android version, and sideloading iOS apps is infinitely more troublesome. 

To install TapTap on your iPhone, simply boot up the App Store, find TapTap, and install it. Boom.

Right away you’ll be able to do almost all of the things that TapTap offers, including reading reviews, discussing games with your fellow community members, keeping tabs on exciting new releases, and more. 

Alternatively, you can just head to the TapTap website and do all the same stuff. It’s completely up to you. 

Is TapTap safe to use?

Of course it is! Whether you’re on the app or the site, TapTap is a respected platform that’s been around for ages. It has strict content guidelines, so you’re not going to stumble into something you don’t want to see, and there’s a battery of security measures to keep you safe.

Following your favorite content creators lets you filter out everything except what you’ve explicitly chosen to see, and an invite system means that a lot of TapTap’s users are friends of friends. 

TapTap is a safe, welcoming community of enthusiasts posting reviews, sharing videos, and generally making the gaming world a better place.