Why Fan Studios are Leading The Way In Modern Day Mobile Gaming Development

Mobile gaming development is not an easy arena, but Fan Studio is doing an impressive job of balancing modern day requirements and expectations while offering a quality experience for its clients. Let us explain why via four main reasons.

Fitting Projects Around The Brand

A game based around logistics doesn’t sound like it would be much fun. But ‘EffiBot Dash, a game created in collaboration with DHL, proves that thinking incorrect.

Based around navigating challenges that emulate real-world delivery scenarios, it actually offers up a game that is fun in its own right, but still shows the strengths of DHL’s innovative solutions in real-time package delivery. No mean feat.

Can Work To Any Brief

DHL to The Little Kitten is quite the pivot, but Fan Studio has managed it, and done so by creating an impressive set of kid-friendly, feline-focused titles.

What’s most impressive is that it shows how flexible Fan Studio is in creating experiences for any type of gamer. Young or old.

It Gets Results

Creating these experiences would mean nothing if it didn’t get results for its clients though, and fortunately Fan Studio has plenty of success stories in this area.

TrafficVille 3D boasts over 5 million downloads since it was released, and there are titles that have attained milestone top 10 rankings in the App Store, demonstrating Fan Studio’s continuous growth and desire to innovate in the space.

They Listen To Clients

Fan Studio also makes sure it listens to clients. “Our core strength lies in understanding our client’s vision and amplifying it through our expertise in game mechanics and engagement strategies,” says the CEO of Fan Studio.

The studio makes things simple for its clients, and this is proven in a range of ways, not only in the creation of the Game Design Canvas. It’s a tool that streamlines the process of understanding how much it actually costs to create a video game, before it even gets to the creation stage. 
Want to read more about Fan Studio? Of course you do! Check out its official site to learn even more about them.