Wilderless is a Brand New Game for iPhone and iPad That Lets You Explore The Great Outdoors

Being stuck inside isn’t the most fun. There’s a whole world outside and it can feel like you’re missing out. But don’t worry – Wilderless, which has just come out for iPhone and iPad – is the next best thing to a breath of fresh air.

The game drops you in a massive outdoor space and lets you explore at your own leisure. There are no goals or quests, just mountains and streams and forests to lose yourself in. You don’t have to walk all the time, either – you can transform into a bird and soar above the landscape.

You can skate on frozen lakes, take a boat trip through lapping waters and generally stretch your legs however you’d like. As you can see from the trailer above, the game looks amazing. Watching the sun set behind distant mountains looks particularly awe-inspiring.

Wilderless is avaiable right now for iPhone and iPad. It’ll set you back $2.99 and you can click here to grab it right now. What do you think? Will you be heading out into the vast wilderness and exploring? Let us know in the comments below.