World of Demons

World Of Demons Is Bidding Farewell To Apple Arcade Next Month

Have you ever played the hack and slash title World of Demons? Well, if you haven’t yet, maybe you should give it a shot before it shuts down. Yes, the action game is saying goodbye to Apple Arcade next month.

It was launched in April 2021 for iOS devices by PlatinumGames, a Japanese gaming company. It’s the only game by the company listed on Apple Arcade/App Store. When the game launched, it garnered pretty good reviews due to its slick action elements and beautiful art style.

Now, World of Demons is getting delisted from Apple Arcade on January 18 and will no longer be available to download. And all existing downloads of the game will no longer be playable from February 1. Here’s the official statement by the publishers.

Why Are They Delisting It?

No one really knows why they’re pulling the plug. The abrupt removal sparks concerns about preservation as many players like playing the game. Most Apple Arcade titles involve partial funding from Apple, so maybe the exclusivity deal with Apple has expired.

On top of that, things are a bit up in the air for PlatinumGames. It’s due to Hideki Kamiya, one of the co-founders, leaving the studio in October 2023. With Kamiya’s exit, the status of ongoing projects like Project GG remains uncertain.

So, now fans are wondering if World of Demons will live on in some other form or if it’ll simply fade away with its Apple Arcade exit. Either way, if you never played the game, I reckon you give it a try. You still have a good twenty days in hand, so why miss out on the opportunity? Grab the game from the App Store and experience a samurai’s brush with danger.

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