He kinda fine... Anyway this is Wriothesley. He wears his excessively accessorised outfit of mainly greys and black, with highlights of red here and there. Picture like total thinks-hes-cool emo boy.

Wriothesley Tier List – Catalyst Weapons Ranked!

I bet you’ve just pulled Wriothesley and now you’re after a Wriothesley Tier List! This 5-Star Cyro made his debut in the 4.1 banner, and is exceptionally strong if you build on his character correctly. Here we rank all of his potential catalyst weapons!

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Wriothesley Tier List

Don’t forget, our tier lists are entirely subjective! We try and remain as unbiased as possible when deciding our tiers by constructing our ranks based on personal gameplay, player feedback and external sources. You may not agree with our tiers which is okay! However, I do hope this tier list proved to be helpful for you.


Simply the best! These catalyst weapons are a match made in heaven for Wriothesley.

  • Cashflow Supervision


Great weapons that do the job, just not as well as the S-Tiers. They’re still brilliant though!

  • The Widsith
  • Tulaytullah’s Remembrance


A few niche uses for these weapons in particular. Averagely good, averagely bad.

  • Blackcliff Agate
  • Flowing Purity
  • Dodoco Tales


More of a last resort if you haven’t got access to the others. Don’t settle for less though! Wriothesley deserves better.

  • There’s nothing here!


I don’t recommend these, nor does Wriothesley.

  • He’s a 5-star unit. Did you really expect him to have bad weapon choices?

When Will We Update This Tier?

Weapons aren’t frequently added to Genshin, however updates do change the power scaling of characters and their weapons. So, we will aim to update this as the weapons shift through the ranks.