Writers and Game Reviewers Wanted

As iOS gaming continues to gather steam and win over new fans, so too does our site. What this means is, every day, we’re getting inundated with more and more intriguing review requests, news tips, and brilliant interview opportunities. Waaaay more than our modest, three man outfit can handle actually; especially if we want to maintain our modus operandi of championing independent titles and up-and-coming game studios – which we most definitely do!

So, to cut a long story short, Sean, Jay, and I need help (no, not that kind of help, cheeky!).

Yessiree, Team iFanzine are on the hunt for a talented freelance writer or two to aid us in reviewing the latest and greatest new iOS releases, producing incisive features, reporting on juicy news stories, and interviewing game developers. Our dream candidate(s) should be obsessively passionate and enthusiastic about iOS gaming (natch), exhibit a good understanding of video game terminology and, of course, have a decent command over the written word.

Oh, and if you’re gonna write for us, you had better like free games. Lots and lots of free games… 😉

If all this sounds like it could be right up your street, please do send us an application to [email protected] including:

  • A brief bio: Name, age and previous experience* if applicable. Also, let us know what model (iPhone or iPad) and generation device you’re using.
  • 1-2 writing samples. Either a review of a recent iOS game (preferably in the same format as we use here on-site), a news article covering a topic of your choosing, or both.

*No experience required, although it would be a major plus. We will review each and every application and get back to you pronto. In the meantime, if you happen to have any other questions, do feel free to get in touch by email, twitter and/or the comments section below. Really looking forward to hearing from you!