Featured Image for Wuthering Waves CBT2. It features the screenshot of the cbt2 interface. There are two buttons that says pre-register and apply for CBT2.

Wuthering Waves CBT2 Registration Begins Today!

It’s still in the testing phase, but Wuthering Waves has already attracted quite some attention. The closed beta test II registrations for the upcoming action RPG by Kuro Games drop today. If you’re curious about jumping into Wuthering Waves CBT2 and want to know what the game has in store, just keep reading!

The Wuthering Waves CBT2 Registration Begins

The registration for the Closed Beta Test 2 is officially open now (as of January 18). If you’re interested, you’ve got until February 7 to throw your hat in the ring. Want to be a part of the critical team? Head to the official website and sign up using your Kuro Games account through Apple ID, Twitter, or Google. Once you’re in, you’ll need to fill out a questionnaire.

The confirmation for CBT2 eligibility will come through email or a qualification inquiry page on your Kuro account. The test dates will be shared later. If you mentioned playing on multiple platforms, your qualification will be based on your gaming history. Meanwhile, catch a glimpse of the Wuthering Waves CBT2 gameplay here!

What’s Wuthering Waves?

Developed by Kuro Games, Wuthering Waves is a free-to-play action RPG that will drop on iOS, Android and PC. Kuro Games is well-known for titles like Punishing: Grey Raven. Wuthering Waves has a fast-paced Player-vs-Enemy (PvE) combat and offers deep gameplay mechanics.

It’s set in an open world that was attacked by an apocalyptic event called the Calament around a hundred years ago. The title lets you and your Rover fight several battle styles at your disposal through the varied Resonators.

Kuro Games teased the game for the first time back in May 2022. After a successful first round of testing, they are now gearing up for Wuthering Waves CBT2. So, are you up for joining the test? Comment and let us know! Also, check out our other news: Get Ready For Talismans And New Maps In Tower of Fantasy v3.6!