Yet Another Feature-Packed ‘Legendary Wars’ Update Marching onto the App Store Soon!

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: the sheer volume of post-launch content additions Liv Games have lavished on fans of their flagship title Legendary Wars (read our review) is nothing short of, well… legendary!

Even so, it sounds like the best is yet to come, as Liv tell us they are readying their “biggest free update ever” to Legendary Wars for release next week. This update will bring the smash-hit game up to version 2.0 and — as alwayscomes packing a pretty mind-blowing array of all-new features, gameplay tweaks and additions, presentation upgrades and much, much more! Barring any unforeseen issues, Legendary Wars 2.0 will march onto the App Store on Thursday, November 29th!

In the meantime, here’s the full list of upcoming features available for your perusal:

  • Now Universal (LW HD Only) with iCloud support for device sharing!
  • iPhone 5 iOS6 support taking advantage of extra resolution!
  • New 21 level Netherworld Campaign with a whole new story, characters and monsters!
  • New character selection screen – use any of your favorite characters at any level!
  • 4 New Hero Characters with 5 tiers, each with unique abilities (Rogue, Sprite, Centaur, Faun).
  • New Awesome 60 Level Challenge Mode with brand new gameplay!
  • 20 New Legendary Armors for new units
  • 5 New Tier 5 Heavenly Armor for our original legendary heroes!
  • 5 New Bosses and 20 new Monsters from Monster Wars.
  • Old levels have new gameplay and items hidden through out!
  • Play the Monster Wars Campaign from the Main Menu!
  • Brand new User interface and amazing menu graphics!
  • Lots of new improvements, art and style!

Updated with brand new screenshots!