You Can Now Play the Hotly Anticipated Legend of Puzzleverse Beta on Android and iOS

Legend of Puzzleverse, Babil Games’s highly anticipated match-three strategy game, is out now on iOS and Android.

While the version that’s currently available is technically a beta, there’s plenty to get your teeth into, including some seriously innovative gameplay and a vast fantasy universe full of monsters, heroes, ancient artifacts, and secrets. 

Storywise, Legend of Puzzleverse is a Marvel-esque multiverse adventure in which the Void Lord has thrown the world into chaos by destroying the key of time, unleashing an army of horrible monsters. 

To see them off you’ll need to win match-three puzzle battles and build up your kingdom. That means mastering two genres at once, as you attempt to defeat your opponents on both a puzzle grid and the larger canvas of a 4X strategy game battlefield.

The strategy component of Legend of Puzzleverse sees you constructing and upgrading more than 30 different types of building, gathering resources, conducting research into new technologies, drawing up battle plans, and managing alliances with other players. 

These alliances let you take on human opponents in PvP battles in order to earn resources and items for the main campaign. 

And there’s a further multiverse-based twist. By destroying the key of time, the Void Lord has allowed the heroes of myth and history to come together in a single dimension. 

Fortunately, you happen to live in that dimension, and so you can summon, upgrade, and equip a host of legendary heroes, including Caesar, Hannibal, King Arther, Medusa, Captain Hook, and many more. 

These heroes all have their own unique abilities, and their effectiveness is also impacted by the formations you place them in, giving you plenty of tactical variables to consider. 

While it’s still only in beta, Legend of Puzzleverse already has a huge number of levels to play, all of them testing your tactical abilities and skills in different ways. 

There’s a tutorial system, too, allowing you to learn the ropes, and leaderboards, allowing you to lord your victories over everybody else. 

To get the ball rolling, download the Legend of Puzzleverse beta for free right now. You can also keep up to date with the latest Legend of Puzzleverse news on their official Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok pages.

You can also download Legend of Puzzleverse using the QR Code below.