You Can Now Pre Order Mario Kart Tour in the App Store, With a Full Launch Following on September 25

Mario Kart Tour is about to cross the finish line, as Nintendo has announced that it will finally launch on September 25.

Not only that, but you can pre-order the kart racer right now in the App Store. Simply follow that link, hit “Get’, and you’re all set.

Mario Kart Tour is Nintendo’s Answer to Mario Kart on Mobile

Mario Kart Tour is Nintendo’s answer to Mario Kart on mobile. You’ll race against other players in tracks that draw inspiration from real world cities.

Of course, there are also your usual cup modes, which revive popular tracks alongside new ones. There’s also a brand new Frenzy Mode.

You’ll also find your favourite Mario Kart characters make an appearance too, alongside a wealth of vehicles and upgrades to unlock.