Shards of Infinity

You can now sign up to take part in the Shards of Infinity beta

Shards of Infinity is an exciting new deckbuilding CCG launching across PC and mobile soon. So soon, in fact, that you can now sign up to take part in the beta on iOS.

To participate, you simply have to fill in this quick form and you should get access shortly. The best part about the iOS beta is that it’s free, unlike the Android and Steam versions.

The downside though, is that we’ll have to pay for the game when it launches, while those that purchase the beta will get the full launch version as part of that price.

Shards of Infinity is the latest digital board game by Temple Gates Games

Either way, it will be good to finally get our hands on this exciting CCG. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s the latest game by Temple Gates Games, the folks behind Race for the Galaxy.

You’ll create an army of cards made up of champions from various different factions. You’ll then battle enemies in a variety of different modes.

You can learn more about Shards of Infinity on the official site, or sign up for the beta by filling in the form linked above.