You can Pick up Evoland 2 for Just 99c Right Now

Evoland 2 is an awesome game that explores the history of the RPG. Each section of the game takes its cues from a different era of the genre, telling an overarching story as you battle your way through dungeons, monsters and more.

There are 3D sections, 2D sections, shooting bits, fighting bits, card-collecting and more. The game lasts for about 20 hours, which means that at its current price you’re spending about 0.045 cents per hour. That’s a pretty impressive return on your investment.

While the game changes, there’s a story that runs all the way through the experience. It’s a good one too, full of charm and bright ideas, and it’s hard to play without a smile on your face. Hey, let’s watch a trailer, shall we?

Basically, Evoland 2 is really good, and it’s well worth buying when it’s full price. But right now it’s less than a dollar, which is a quite frankly ridiculous price. There’s never been a better time to pick up the game. So, y’know, you should probably do it.

Click here and you can download Evoland 2 from the App Store. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, we think you definitely should.