You Must Build A Boat

You Must Build A Boat and 10000000 are on sale for a dollar right now

EightyEight Games’s collection of match three puzzlers with a twist are currently on sale for a dollar each on iOS, and we couldn’t possibly recommend them enough.

The collection includes You Must Build A Boat, which combines the match three puzzler with RPG. You’ll do as the name suggests, and match a bunch of different icons to perform a variety of actions until you’ve built a solid boat.

You Must Build A Boat and 10000000 are fiendishly clever match three mashups

You’ll travel the world meeting new crew members, battling monsters, and grow your boat as this utterly charming adventure unfolds.

Then there’s 10000000, which is a different kind of match three mashup altogether. This one sprinkles in a solid dash of dungeon crawling RPG to the mix.

You’ll work your way through a variety of dungeons, looting treasure, battling monsters, and upgrading your home. Of course, that all involves matching stuff – just the way you like it.

Really, you should grab both of these games while they’re so cheap. They’re awesome in their own right, and unlike anything else you can find on the App Store.

So go and grab You Must Build A Boat and 10000000 on the App Store right now. Seriously, you won’t regret it.