You Should Back This Awesome The Room Lego Set Right Now

Sometimes something comes along and you just think ‘holy moly I need that right now.’ Something like this amazing The Room Lego set designed by Roger Schembri.

Schembri works at Fireproof Games, the developer behind The Room series, as a graphic and motion designer. And now he’s turned his attention to trying to make an official Lego version of the vault from the game a reality.

It’s not just a puzzle box, though. The set will also come with the mysterious figure known only as A.S. He comes with a stylish top hat, a key, a magnifying glass and more. The base that the box sits in is covered in little details too.

So how can you make this awesome idea a reality? Well it’s pretty simple. You just need to log in to your Lego account (or make one if you haven’t already got one), and mash the support button to show that The Room set is something you’re super interested in.

The set already has 375 supporters, and it hasn’t been up for long at all. In fact it got to 100 so quickly that it’s been granted a year long extension to get up to the magic figure of 1000.

You can click this link here to find out more about The Room set and add your support. We’d really like it if you did. Lego and The Room? It’s like a match made in slightly spooky Victorian heaven.

Via PocketGamer