You Won’t Want to Miss the Huge New ‘Phantom Chaser’ Update

Phantom Chaser, the hit action RPG from FloppyGames celebrating mythological beasts worldwide, returns this week in a big way with an extensive update that promises to really switch things up. The patch introduces new characters, battle improvements, and much more. Here’s what you’ll find the next time you login to the game.

Folks looking to flesh out their character collections will be pleased to meet Rangda, a new assassin character that specializes in swooping in on enemies and doing serious damage at close range. She can be a major threat on the Battlefield so don’t miss out on the chance to add her to your team.

Pre-existing characters are getting the star treatment, too. It’ll be much easier to collect rare characters, including Blue Dragon and Phoenix, who can now be obtained through Crafting. Phantom Chaser will now be highlighting “targeted characters” as well, rewarding players free Star Stones for collecting them.

If you head to the Battlefield this week, you’ll find that battles may be a bit more difficult, though the rewards are also greater. This little tweak will help make battles a much more satisfying experience for players. Monsters, too, have been re-balanced in Adventure mode.

Overall, this is an update for the players. FloppyGames has lowered Stamina usage for the game, so you can spend more time collecting characters and battling rather than waiting on timers. It’ll be much easier for you to develop your characters and earn rewards so that you can stay ahead of the competition.

Ready to see all of these exciting new changes for yourself? You can play Phantom Chaser right now on iOS.

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