Yslandia content expansion revealed; Yuletide sale

A new island has suddenly arisen from the seas of Yslandia, sending its curious inhabitants in a tizzy as they scramble to complete new quests and conquer more land for the sake of good — and evil. Called Wayra and apparently sporting a bit of a tropical flair, it is said to be far and away the largest area Yslandians have yet borne witness to.

If you purchased Yslandia during its initial release phase back in October, be sure to download the latest patch in iTunes and log in again — you might just find a big thank-you from the gods in the form of free access to this new island! Otherwise it’ll set you back a few hundred RubYs, the In-App Purchase currency MovingPlayer has devised for this multiplayer game world. 

Perhaps you happen to be short on RubYs and picked up Yslandia too late to get the content expansion as a freebie. Never fear, there is yet more good news in store — the gods of Yslandia have proclaimed that they will reward RubYs in exchange for friend referrals. This “RubYs for All” promotion operates as follows according to the latest Yslandia newsletter:

Sponsor your friends by introducing them to Yslandia and benefit from the “RubYs for all” operation! For each friend that you introduce to Yslandia, you and your friend will receive a pack of 200 RubYs! A good opportunity to offer yourself the gift of a new island, an emotes pack, or the fabulous YRadar!

To enjoy this offer, ask your friends to send a copy of their iTunes bill for Yslandia (the bill must be dated after 12/22/2010) as well as your username and email address to [email protected]. You can also easily recommend Yslandia to several friends at the same time by going directly to the Yslandia iTunes page, clicking on the menu under the Yslandia logo and selecting “Recommend”.

Yslandia is currently on sale for $.99, making it quite a steal if you’re up for some cooperative Yuletide action. If you aren’t privy to this 2D MMORPG yet, check out iFanzine’s hands-on preview, in-depth review, and our interview with the gods themselves.