Featured Image for our news on Yuuna and the Steamy Maze. It features Kogarashi and a few ghosts like Yuuna. All of them are wearing vibrant clothes.

Yuuna And The Steamy Maze Is A New Roguelike RPG Based On Yuuna And the Haunted Hot Springs

Have you watched the anime series Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs: The Thrilling Steamy Maze Kiwami? Then, here’s a  good news for you! FURYU Corporation just dropped a title based on the anime for iOS and Android devices. Titled Yuuna and the Steamy Maze, it’s an edgy roguelike RPG.

Inside The Haunted Hot Springs

In Yuuna and the Steamy Maze, you guide Yuuna through the Dreamy Miniature Garden, a dungeon with a layout that keeps changing to keep you on your toes. The exciting part is that the story is exclusive to the game. Yes, so even if you know the manga inside out, there’s something new for you.

You get up to 15 types of costumes for Yuuna and her friends. The game comes with the voices of the original voice actors from the anime. Plus, there are mini-games for fun whenever you need a break from dungeon crawling. You can also chat with characters and just have a good time.

Yuuna and the Steamy Maze is up for grabs on the iOS App Store for $29.99. If it sounds interesting and fun, then head to the App Store and grab it. Also, check out the official website of the title to get more details and guides about the game.

What’s The Thrilling Steamy Maze Kiwami About?

The manga was first published on the Weekly Shonen Jump. It narrates Kogarashi’s romantic comedy tale at the Yuragi hot spring inn. Kogarashi is a high school guy who can see ghosts. He moves into Yuragi-sou, the hot springs inn where he meets a ghost named Yuuna.

The manga has a blend of humour, fun and spookiness, and so does the game. Speaking of fun, are you looking for fun adorable crossovers? Then, check this out: KartRider Rush x MapleStory M Crossover Has New Karts, Outfits And More!