Zelda-like Action RPG The Swords of Ditto is Out Now on Android

If you were jealous of your friends getting to replay Link’s Awakening earlier this year, The Swords of Ditto might just take the sting out a bit.

This absolutely stunning adventure harkens back to the classic isometric Zelda, but throwing in a cartoon visual style all of its own.

The Swords of Ditto is Endlessly Replayable

What’s perhaps most interesting about The Swords of Ditto is the fact that each play through provides you with a whole new adventure.

Not only will you travel to different locations but all of your successes and failures will affect the future hero. You can also collect loot from your fallen hero’s body.

There’s a wide variety of weapons to collect, from the standard sword and bow to a record Frisbee, golf club, and a giant foot. It’s a bit mad like that.

You’ll level up your hero by applying a bunch of stickers you’ll collect to your hero, each of which provide you with a perk.

There’s a whole lot of game in The Swords of Ditto, and we’re impressed with what we’ve seen so far. Go ahead and grab it from the App Store right now.