Featured Image for our news on Zenless Zone Zero. It features a character from the game sitting on top of a white care. She has pink hair.

HoYoverse’s Next RPG Zenless Zone Zero Set To Release In 2024

miHoYo, the goliath behind Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail, has finally announced the release date of its upcoming title, Zenless Zone Zero. The free-to-play urban fantasy action RPG is set to hit iOS, Android, consoles and PC in 2024.

Zenless Zone Zero is set in a dystopian world where civilization bites the dust due to a catastrophe known as Hollows. You will explore New Eridu, the vibrant city which is now home to refugees, survivors, monsters and Agents. Before diving into more gameplay details, take a look at the trailer below.

How’s The Gameplay?

In this action adventure RPG, you’ll don the role of a Proxy. Special guides, aka, Proxy, fight monsters and help people gain resources in this survival battle. Zenless Zone Zero has real-time action coupled with roguelike combat mechanics, which makes it a bit different from the other HoYoverse titles.

Each character can use five types of attacks basic, special, chain, dash, and extra-powerful ultimate attacks. By swapping the characters in your party, you can also perform a sixth type of attack called the assist attack. You can grab more characters and weapons using the gacha system.

When you traverse the map, every step onto a tile triggers different actions. They may have hidden treasures, challenges, or even the onset of a battle. You’ll encounter five robust factions in New Eridu such as Gentle House, Belobog Heavy Industries, Victoria Housekeeping and Section 6. If you wish to know more, check out the official website of the game.

With its fluid combat sequences and anime-esque art style, Zenless Zone Zero has the potential to be miHoYo’s next hit. It’s currently in its second closed beta, which has garnered positive reviews from testers. Before you head out, check out our latest scoop on Vampire Survivors Emergency Meeting.