Zero City. It features a scar-looking person wearing a crown and holding a rod. Behind him, we can see a map with various locations marked on it.

Zero City: Shelter And Bunker Drops A Cool New Feature Called ‘Colossi’

MY.GAMES just dropped a cool update for Zero City: Shelter and Bunker, their popular mobile RPG survival game. So, what’s new? You can now amp up the zombie battles with a second squad of fighters, called ‘Colossi.’ Sounds interesting? Keep reading!

What’s Zero City Colossi?

Say hello to a new bunch of zombie hordes! To get these Colossi in action, just hit up a new spot in your shelter. This new squad brings in characters with different vibes, like tiers, skills, rarity, category, experience, rank, and mutation. Now, power your new squad up by levelling these attributes up.

Once you hit tier 7, you can unlock more perks. Want to build a special Colossi room? Check! Want to hit the Atomic Highway on the world map? Check! When the action starts, you’re rolling with three Colossi at once. The best part is that you can tweak them as you like. Manage their tier, skills, rank, mutation and category to rock those zombie battles.

Ever Played Zero City: Shelter and Bunker?

Zero City: Shelter and Bunker is a survival role-playing game. It throws you into a post-apocalyptic world with zombies, plague and viruses lurking around. Phew! Your job is to keep citizens alive by training survivors, creating high-quality gear and building a solid city where life can thrive without any threats.

You get a bevvy of stuff to explore in the game, including 250 unique characters, 600 gear, 70 base customization options and 400 outfit options. Zero City: Shelter and Bunker has a complex strategy and team-building features. On that note, why don’t you check out the game on the App Store and give it a try?

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