‘Zombie Food’ Gets a Fantastic Update

Perhaps you all remember our very recent review of Zombie Food: No Candy for Halloween This Year, it was — after all — covered in detail less than a whole month ago. During the body of that review a number of complaints were raised against the game’s speed — level-randomization — and how it’d take forever before you got to experience any of the special power-ups, ending with us comparing the entire affair to Flappy Bird. While this wouldn’t be the first time that iFanzine has seen a developer react rather positively to a series of complaints we’ve raised regarding their game, I don’t think any of them have ever responded quite as quickly as did Zombie Food’s Michael Granzin.

CSQm9TdWEAAD9rv-300x225First of all the game has been considerably sped up, making the matter of evading all that rotting food — as well as successfully snagging the items you actually want — a far more harrowing ordeal than before. This has furthermore been coupled with a complete reworking of the how the game’s randomization-scheme has been weighted, such that your required foodstuffs are now actually guaranteed to show up in a timely fashion. Finally the game’s power-ups — which originally didn’t become available until after ten whole levels had first been conquered — now show up as early as the second stage, helping to further differentiate Zombie Food from being just another Flappy Bird clone.

These changes have ultimately combined to turn what was originally a dreadfully banal experience into something ultimately far more playable, especially if you personally happen to like games featuring Flappy Bird-esque character juggling. I would, however, personally hope that a bit more work ends up being given to how you use power-ups (which become usable after eating infrequently appearing special food items). It’s just really hard to successfully swipe in any of the four cardinal directions — each representing a different power — all while also evading obstacles, making them very dangerous to use.

Assuming you still on the fence in regards to giving Zombie Food a whirl, we should probably mention that there’s also a totally free demo available — showcasing the first ten levels — that should probably help you safely decide whether or not this app is for you.