Zombie Wonderland Preview

With no fewer than four games featuring flesh-eaters in various stages of production, it seems Chillingo has managed to squeeze their way onto the already packed to capacity zombie bandwagon. Next stop Niceville, the inaptly named setting for Xoobis’ Zombie Wonderland. Billed as a “uniquely fun, survival horror, time management game”, Wonderland will take a decidedly different approach to slaughtering the undead.

One that involves mops and buckets as well as shotguns and flame-throwers.

Well why not? As every gamer knows, killing zombies is a messy business, and I’ve often wondered who tidies up the pools of blood, decomposing corpses, and other miscellaneous goo once the bullets have stopped flying. Playing as Chuck (The Zombie Cleaner), it’s up to you to not only fend off hordes of ravenous monsters, but also ensure that your CoD: Zombies-esque shelter is just as spic-and-span when you’re finished as when you found it.

While the arrival of yet another press release with details of yet another zombie game in my inbox is usually greeted by a groan, Wonderland actually looks like it could be an amusing take on the done-to-death zombie apocalypse theme. Consider me intrigued.