After Being Successfully Kickstarted, ‘Zombunny’ Will Bounce onto the App Store in August


Eric Bishko recently approached Kickstarter with a rather peculiar game project, known only as Zombunny, all in hopes of securing the necessary iTunes Marketplace licensing fees. Thanks to the kind generosity of various Kickstarter backers, Eric Bishko will soon be bringing his vision for Zombunny — complete with 16 different levels packed to the gills with gnome blasting action — to a multitude of platforms (including iOS). Due to the rather bizarre nature of Eric Bishko’s project, I believe that the only proper way to explain this game’s back story would be to directly quote the creator’s very own words:

“Zombunny was thrown away by his owner, and subsequently raised from the dead of the stuffed animal graveyard! The Evil Button Gnomes (related to the Sock Gnomes but from another planet) learned of his using buttons to stay alive, and they want those buttons too! So, the Gnomes must be destroyed.”

Zombunny’s desperate fight to survive — by denying the Evil Button Gnomes the very baubles that sustain his existence — has been set to take place across 16 different side scrolling arenas, wherein the first side to accrue 1000 buttons wins. However — despite the fact that he is facing down an entire army — this Zombunny isn’t nearly as helpless as some other stuffed toys would have been, for this undead-plushie is packing serious heat! Players — as they aim desperately to turn the tides of war — will have access to a endless array of chuckable wrenches, explosive “Labombas”, and “Shark Missiles” of positively mass-scale destruction.

Although the various backers of the now closed Kickstarter will be among the first to see the fearsome hero in action, the rest of the world will be permitted to join the undead plushie’s divine struggle when Eric Bishko’s Zombunny releases later this August.