Kickstart This: Monstrously Weird Endless Runner ‘Zompire Wolf’

One of the oddest ideas I’ve heard for an Endless Runner in quite some time definitely has to be Zompire Wolf, the tale of a Werewolf — whom was bitten by a Vampire — whom is also afflicted with the Zombie plague. Now, beyond the raw meat he was already hunting for each and every night, our poor ex-Werewolf furthermore needs both fresh brains and blood in order to keep his accursed body in peak-condition. Finally, as if life wasn’t bad enough for Zompire Wolf, the esteemed Professor — world renowned hunter of the undead — has just shot a silver guillotine-bladed bullet at our unfortunate-protagonist.

Therefore — in order to get away — Zompire Wolf will need to use his three forms: Zombie-mode (moves slowly, but can take a lot of damage), Vampire-mode (moves quickly, and also flies), and Werewolf-mode (which is capable of destroying obstacles). Beyond this, the game’s developers — DurtBird — have said they’ll also include an optional Junior Mode (which will include easier game play balancing, and reduced gore content). The developers have proclaimed that they understand how frustrating it can be for all parties involved when children purchase a mobile game where they invariably die every three seconds.

In order to finish their vision — and commission the creation of a fully bespoke soundtrack — the staff at DurtBird recently turned to Kickstarter with a request for €15,000 in additional development funds, of which over €11,000 has already been secured so far. While things are definitely looking up far for the Ireland based team of game developers, there’s still much work to be done in order to ensure that Zompire Wolf stays one step ahead of the professor’s Guillotine Bullet. Currently — for a pledge of just €5 — you can still secure your very own full-featured launch-day copy of Zompire Wolf (which is estimated to be worth $10 via IAPs), but you’ll need to act before November 24th arrives.